Tips to find the right dentist and the right clinic

It is said that Dentists are smile designers. They create beautiful smiles. But how do you know that the dentist you’re visiting has expertise in what he does?


It is possible that you didn’t get the smile you desired even after spending pots of money. What do you think could be the reason? You entered the clinic, consulted the dentist, he/she planned a treatment for you and you got the treatment done. Everything went well. So what is it that you missed?


Maybe the right dentist. In the entire treatment process the most important thing that you missed is to reach the right dentist. This is probably because you never made it important to search for the best dental clinic in your locality.


When you go out for dinner don’t you bother to search for best restaurants? Or even when you plan to watch a movie don’t you look into the reviews first?


If you are so concern about these small things then how can you neglect your oral health? You cannot simply walk into any dental clinic to get treated.


If you are suffering from skin disease whom will you visit? A regular doctor or a skin specialist? Or if you have a heart disease would you not prefer cardiologist over a regular doctor? S

Did you know that even a simple procedure involves a lot of activities. For example, smile designing includes a lot of tasks and therefore require involvement of many dental specialists such as orthodontist, he will look after the alignment of your teeth, prosthodontists who will look after your smile design and also periodontitist who takes care of your gums. So a general dentist cannot performs all these alone. Therefore, you need to have a proper research on the best dental clinic available near you.


Here are a few tips to find the right dentist and the right clinic:

  • Always go for a specialist – As stated above dentistry encompasses various specialties. Therefore the first step in visiting a dentist should be to know your dental problem. Based on your dental problem. The dentist you visit regularly cannot specialize in everything and so there is always need of a specialist.


  • Experience & Technology – Experienced dentists have a better understanding of dealing with your problems. They have the right hand to handle the issue and a good exposure in the field of dentistry. But apart from experience the thing that matters is use of latest technology and latest equipments. So always chose a dentist who is upgraded with cutting edge technology.


  • Sterilization Protocol – The basic threat in healthcare is infection. Using same equipments on more than one patient can be infectious and dangerous. So make sure you visit a clinic that follows the sterilization protocols. The things that are likely to be found in a good dental clinic is use of autoclave machines, gloves, disposable syringes, UV cabinets for storing sterilized equipments etc. Always look for all these safety measures before visiting any dental clinic.


  • Past Treatment – Be it standalone clinic or a dental chain, everyone have a forum where they have before and after pictures of the treatments done. This will be helpful for you to know how they work.


  • Feedback – To choose dental clinic the feedback that works the best is word of mouth. People’s experience adds a lot in your search. One can also get feedback from website where people share their views and experience with the dentist.


  • Online Appointment Facility – In the era when everything is getting digital and is just a click away, make sure your dental clinic ensures the same. The online appointment facility allows you to book an appointment as per your convenience. So go for a dentist who have this facility available because with this you need not worry about missing your appointment as SMS reminders will help in confirming them.


  • Management Schedule – It is always important to keep a record of treatment and diagnostic process. This will help your dentist to be equipped with all your information even after years. So the dentists who have latest software for maintaining such records should be the first choice.


  • Services offered – One of the most important criteria to keep in mind is the services offered by a particular clinic. A clinic would be considered to be best if it serves all the seven dental specialties. This will cater to all your dental needs under one roof saving a lot of time and getting the best services from one destination.


  • Affordable Offers – It is not important that all good things come with high cost. Search for a clinic which do not have rocket high prices. On the other hand they should also not compromise on quality. Nothing could be better if they have special offers to add on.


  • Nearness – Dental treatments always require multiple appointments based on your dental problem. Having a good dental clinic near to where you live is cherry on the cake. It saves a lot of time and will reduce the delays that can occur in your treatment process due to time constraints.


So next time you want to visit a dentist get into your researcher mode and go for all the options discussed above. And yes Dentists are Smile Designers, one needs to have a right eye to go for the right designer.


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