Bad Resume Fever? Take the Alternative Non-Resume Cure!

Bad Resume Fever? Take the alternative non-resume cure! Say what? Look. It’s no secret that we get in a fever when we think about changing jobs. We’ve got to pull the old resume out and update it. It means going back over work history and getting all the dates and descriptions right. And then re-writing and tweaking it till it’s perfect. Because without a very good resume we’re not going to find a job.

And then, when we’ve finally got an award-winning resume we have to get it distributed. The wider the better. So we post it on some job websites and mail or email it to a bunch of companies. We answer plenty of job opening ads. And even contact some agencies and recruiters.

And then we wait for results. The resume fever has abated a little bit because we’ve done our work and the rest is up to the employers. The most we have to do at this point is wait for the phone to ring. Or an interview invitation to come in the mail.

If the invitations don’t come . . . it’s resume fever time again!

What if I told you there was a simple cure for resume fever? It’s called the “alternative non-resume” cure.

This amazing alternative non-resume strategy is based on a very simple principle. “No one is going to hire you on the basis of your resume!” I know that sounds heretical, but it’s true.

I mean, look at it from the perspective of the employer. What’re employers looking for in a job candidate? They want someone they feel good about, who can fit into the team, brings understanding about company goals, and has thought through how to solve problems. Oh, and, by the way, an employer wants to feels some kind of personal connection.

Face it, if you were an employer, isn’t that the kind of person who would light your candle? Of course. Now, there’s no way an employer is going to get that kind of important information and sense from a piece of paper. It will only come from a personal, face-to-face meeting.

So why not bypass all the resume hoopla and get right to the meat and potatoes of your job search success
. . . doing everything you can to learn about the company and the person who could be your next boss. And then using any of a dozen ways to get to meet with that person without having to worry about distributing your prize resume or all the competition it will generate!

That’s what the exciting alternative non-resume is all about . . . a carefully constructed job campaign plan that moves you step-by-step closer to achieving the most important goal of your job search: getting into a productive dialog with an prospective employer.

How hard is that to do?

Well, the alternative non-resume approach is a lot faster than the old-fashioned resume fever approach we described above. In fact, if you follow a remarkable program like The World’s Fastest Alternative Job Search System, you can be face-to face with your next boss in a matter of days. And you can be entertaining a job offer in as little as two weeks.

Maybe it’s time for you to take the cure!

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