Breasts implant surgery – Reshape your breasts and gain back your confidence

Breast implant surgery is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is used to make breast size larger. It enhances the breast shape by placing an implant, typically a silicone or saline implant. The surgeon gives the patient’s breast a natural proportion that looks aesthetically symmetrically pleasing beast profile. The surgical procedure is made to suit a woman’s specific augmentation needs.

Women have many reasons for undergoing the breast augmentation surgery. A woman may have lost the volume of her breasts and the surgery can make it appear fuller.  Advancing age of women also makes their breasts look sagging. Others may be having some breast deformities. Some women want to feel confident in a swimsuit and want symmetrical breasts.  In fact, there may be many reasons for women to opt for the surgery.

Breast implant choices to make

A woman can pick an implant from many types of implant available in the market.  These implants are categories as per the filling type. Therefore, there are saline implants because the filling is of saline water. Similarly, there are silicone implants having silicon jell, highly cohesive silicone that are known as Gummy bear implants. No one implant can be called as the best for all women. However, the choice is made on the basis of cost, feel as well as the incision requirements.  A cosmetic surgeon can help a woman to make the right choice.

When it comes to deciding the shape, know that silicone gel and saline implants are round. But gummy bear implants come in different shapes as well as round options. If you need to have a fuller top portion of your breasts, then round implants are a good option. If you need a gently sloping look of the breasts, then opt for shaped implants. Both the implants look natural.

As far as the size of breast implants is concerned, it comes in the range of 150cc to 800cc and even larger. In some cases, a patient may require different sizes of implants for each breast in order to achieve the best symmetry. However, the choice of implant depends also on your personal goals and what your cosmetic surgeon recommends.

Incision techniques

An experienced surgeon for breast implant surgery will make the incision at such a place that the scars are not easily visible. The surgeon can use one of the best incision techniques to place an implant into the breast.

There are many incision techniques. The Inframammary technique involves only a short incision in the lower part of the breast in the crease underneath, which is called as Inframammary fold. The scar is only one to two inches long and can be easily hidden.  Peri-areolar incision is typically used when there is only a moderate breast lift to be made. The incision is made around the areola.

Trans-axillary incision is small and it is made within the armpit through which the implant is inserted in the breast. The scar is very small within the armpit only. The Transumbilical incision is made just above the belly button. The implant is inserted through and then it is pushed up to the breast. So, there is no scar on the breast.   

Post surgery

The breast augmentation surgery is an outpatient procedure that is generally performed under general anesthesia. Most patients start normal activities within hours of the surgery. However, the patient is advised to desist from any strenuous exercise for about 2 weeks.  You may also be asked to wear a supportive surgical bra for a few days after the breast augmentation.

You may also be advised to undergo periodic monitoring in case of silicone implants. Make sure that you go for regular screenings as is advised by your doctor.

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