Top Diet Plans for Weight Loss & Control

These days, almost everyone seems to be on a diet or two and go for top Diet Plans for Weight Loss .

What with all the sugar, trans-fat and GMO protein-laced foods out there – which are popularly consumed because of their relatively inexpensive sales prices (when contrasted with more natural, organic and unrefined eatables) – this undeniable characteristic of modern living can hardly be said to have come as a surprise. Our zealous new-age industrial practices (and the largely unethical profit motivations that unashamedly lurk behind them) have seen to the fortification of this trend.


Dieting without Shame

This is not to say that following a strict dietary regimen is in anyway akin to being complicit in maintaining the decadent status-quo, however. Dieting may, in fact, prove to be definitively responsible for preserving one’s life and health – under the present societal circumstances.

In this post, we’ll list 3 of the most effective weight-loss (and maintenance) routines that have come to our notice. All of these have demonstrated their continual efficacy (time & again) in the lives of dieting enthusiasts, and cannot be considered to be mere commercial or popularity ‘fads’; in any sense of the word.

So if you’re currently struggling with shedding off those awful pounds (and their resulting blubber currently housed around your hips, chest and mid-section), we strongly recommend that you incorporate one of them in your busy daily schedule.

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1.   The 5:2 Diet (Intermittent Fasting)

Based on Michael Mosley’s health discoveries pertaining to the considerable health benefits of Intermittent Fasting, the 5:2 ‘Fast Diet’ advocates following an eating regimen with 2 weekly fast days. What this means is that dieters are allowed to eat normally for five days in a week, provided that they significantly reduce their calories intake (500 calories for women; 600 for men) on two non-consecutive days within the same period.

Water, green tea, and other 0 calorie beverages are allowed during these fasting days, and moderate bouts of physical activity are highly encouraged to keep the dieters’ metabolic rates consistently high.


2.   The Paleo Diet

Specifically thought to mimic the diet consumed by our Paleolithic-era human ancestors, the Paleo diet advocates eating high-protein, high-to-moderate fat, and heavily reduced carbohydrate meals throughout the day. The goal of this diet, like all low-carb weight loss culinary approaches, is to rapidly put the body in a ketogenic state – where ketone bodies, liberated from the breakdown of the host’s glycogen reserves, fuel all energy processes instead of blood sugar. The end-result is fast weight reduction.


3.   The 17 Day Diet

The 17 Day Diet is based around three, 17 day cycles of low-carb & high-protein eating, where each subsequent cycle features a gradual escalation of the carbohydrate food intake. By fluctuating between these periodic frames, the diet hopes to put the host’s body in a consistent ketogenic state; without encountering any plateaus (which are dieting instances where the weight refuses to budge any further).

Both the 17 Day Diet and the Paleo Diet help achieve fast weight loss, but the Fast Diet may prove to be more sustainable in the long run.


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