Examples of limiting beliefs

We often find ourselves in a trap of thoughts where we find a lot of negativity trying to submerge us under itself. There is an ocean of emotions that we go through every day and those emotions along with hormonal changes lead to an upheaval of changes in our outlooks and beliefs with examples of limiting beliefs.

Can we change our outlook and rewire our beliefs?
Yes, why not! We can change everything about our beliefs, our outlooks and our personality. The changes can be realized with constant practice and efforts by oneself. These changes not only become instrumental in the overall development and personality of the person but also significantly affect the relationships and social circle of people.

How to positively rewire your beliefs?
There are some “good habits” that we need to inculcate in our behavior that may bring about significant positive thinking and changes in our lives:

Be more Thankful:
Everything starts at home! You need to look around the blessings and be thankful to your destiny and the people in your life for everything that you have got. Do not fret over what could be achieved or what could be done instead just think that what you can do to sustain the present goodness in your life! Try to contribute something every day and you can make difference when it comes to a larger frame of time.

Love thy people:
When we see the relationships of others we often tend to compare our own personal relations and due to the negatively wired thoughts we tend to see their deficiencies. For example- the gifts your neighbor gets from her husband may be much more lavish than what you receive. However you may not know of the love that she doesn’t get while you get it in abundance! Isn’t it? Similarly in all our relationships we compare and neglect our own people while we should embrace them with all their deficiencies just the way we want to be accepted! Love your people and start respecting their choices to understand their view points before debating with them. Life becomes much easier.

Compete with yourself

Half of your problems get solved when you stop racing the rats of the world. Do not go behind what people do or what they expect of you. Just focus on your inner self- try to make it beautiful with your thoughts. Then realize what “YOU” expect of yourself. You can do anything and everything that your heart desires to be done. So go ahead- claim it- not for proving it to anyone but for your own self.
You can never be good enough for others but you have to be better than your own past every day.

Meditate on positive thinking

It may not appear easy in the beginning. Therefore meditation needs continuous practice and efforts to bring about positive thinking among the people.
Your thoughts become transparent to you when you meditate. The power of concentration on the task at hand will also improve significantly to reap in qualitative results in life with meditation.
So, one should definitely pick up a meditation routine to improve life and attain positive thinking aspect in life.

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