Top Home Remedies for Infant Gas Pain | Colic

No drugs and medicinal herbs can cure the baby’s cry, a couple of ways make the situation more dangerous. However, there are some Home Remedies for Infant Gas Pain that can solve this problem.


When looking after the infant, you’ll notice there are some periods when your baby cries persistently, and solving this case of the baby seems to make fathers and mothers feel helpless. However, all also will last if you have the patience and follow the proper home remedies for colic in this article.

Symptoms of colic

  • At the same time of the day (morning, noon, or afternoon), babies from 2-4 weeks old appear the shrill cry even the baby’s face flushes up.
  • Each time when the baby cries, he/she clutches at her/his hands; baby’s abdomen stretches up; baby’s knees shrink, and baby’s back bent.
  • A baby usually startles and cried while sleeping.
  • Eating is also interrupted because of cry.
  • When the baby cried loudly, there is an appearance of a belch.
  • Baby cries by storm with different intensity
  • You could not coax baby stop crying unless the baby stops crying by himself/herself.


Causes of the colic phenomenon

There are very researches learning about causes of the colic for more than 50 years, but until now scientists have not gotten the answer yet.

  • Theory said that the colic is a result of the child’s immature digestive system. It leads to some unpleasant situation such as poor digestion, allergies, or difficult to absorb.
  • Others show that the cause of this colic phenomenon is due to babies are in the development stage, everything still does not go into the stable.
  • In addition to those comments, some scientists stated that belches cause pain to the baby.


Home remedies for colic

So far the causes leading to the phenomenon of colic have been not answered yet, but there are specific circumstances associated with the colic. Depending on each particular case, you can choose a suitable way of home remedies for colic.


  1. Home remedies for colic when in doubt the child gets allergies to milk

  • Some foods such as beef, cow milk, chocolate, wine, tea, onions, beans or spicy spices can make children uncomfortable. Therefore, you should avoid these foods in the diet of the baby so that the baby suck sucks the breast of its mother more pleasantly.
  • In case, the baby drinks the formula milk: if babies repeatedly have reactions with the current milk type, let change the baby’s milk according to the advice of your doctor, or you need to feed the baby like his/her hobby.


  1. Home remedies for colic when you doubt the baby’s nervous system is not normal

  • If you see the baby often startles and bends hands and feet, you can cuddle the baby up or use a soft blanket to put up the baby.
  • Create “white” noise as a sound of fans or blender. These mellow sounds will make children more familiar because when the baby has ever heard them in the womb.
  • Swinging gently by your hands to make baby sleep.
  • Limit the external effects such as lighting, interior noise
  • Bath your baby with warm water, and after the bath, please massage with essential oil of lavender so that your baby sleep comfortably.


  1. When in doubt the kid gets the pain due to belches, you should apply the below home remedies for colic

  • Help your baby to be belched by pat the baby on the back after each meal
  • Always ensure the feeding posture is right.


  1. Treating the colic by drinking enzyme

Enzymes contain bacteria that are beneficial to a child’s gut. A weak digestive system can cause cry to babies. Although the enzyme is very benign, parents should still consult a medical staff before using.


  1. Pleasing the baby with soothers

Many babies need to suck the breast of the mother because of their likes instead of being hungry. Some babies like to suck your fingers on their mouths (especially thumbs). Some other babies love little fingers, while many babies like pacifiers. Therefore, you need to understand hobby of your baby so that he/she feel comfortable.


  1. Bringing a new atmosphere to the baby

Moving to a new environment or space can change the mood of your baby magically. You can take your baby with a trip on the little car or baby carriages. Even when it was at night, the baby can still be distracted by the flashes of the light on the road and from vehicles. The movement will also help soothe the baby.


  1. Helping parents reduce stress during the period the baby have the phenomenon of colic

You will fall into extreme stress with colic cries of your kid. Therefore, you do not try to hold out when you can’t bear any more. The pressure may make you lose control, and take actions that make you regret later. So please:


  • Put the baby down in a safe place and step outside to seek help from family members.
  • Try to find a way to relax as talking to someone or just inhaling a deep breath to regain composure.
  • When you calm down, your baby will also study you something similar.
  • The most important thing is that you have to be patient and not to blame on any person to avoid stress in the family.

Above are some home remedies for colic that help you take care of a baby. Remember that all will pass, and you will get much more experiences when coming over difficulties with your baby.



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