How to overcome obesity – Major Reasons for Obesity

Obesity is on the rise in the United States. Let’s see how to overcome obesity and what measures should be taken.

Obesity is touching alarming heights in the United States. Not only adults, but children are also the victim of this prevalent condition. It is reaching disturbing levels and needless to say, it is very dangerous for health on so many levels. If you have a subscription to one of the quality ISP packages such as Time Warner Triple play package, you would have seen the statistics of different states and how obesity is on the rise in all these states. According to some recent data, rates of adult obesity have now exceeded by 35 percent in as many as 5 states, 30 percent in about 25 states, and up to 25 percent in about 46 states. West Virginia has topped the list with the highest adult obesity rates and that’s up to 37.7 percent.

Steps on an individual as well as state level should be taken on increasing the awareness about the risks and hazards attached to being obese. People should start acting responsibly instead of jeopardizing their health, existence, and well-being. Nothing in the world is more than important than your well-being and health. So, if you are someone who is going to reach the threshold of obesity, stop and think whether your junk food obsession is really worth risking your very health? Or if you are someone who has already crossed the limit, don’t lose hope and start anew. Recognize the reasons of your obesity and flaws in your lifestyle and start taking little, baby steps to the betterment and ultimately with the right guidance and right lifestyle, you will be able to shed off those extra pounds.
Let’s deep a little deeper.

Major Reasons for Obesity

  • There are a number of reasons and causes of rising obesity. Some reasons are pretty easy and relatable, while others are complex. Obesity is not a very familiar thing for Americans. We have seen the stats already. Almost 36 percent of the adults in America fall in the danger zone or in the category of obese. Let’s figure out the major reasons that are causing obesity to touch the new heights in the country.
  • Fast Food: Fast food is perhaps the biggest reason and has the strongest correlation to obesity. Ditching home-made food on regular basis and eating out, especially at fast food restaurants is one of the major reasons for all those extra pounds that you have. Fast food items are known for critically increasing the daily, required calorie intake. With one meal at a fast food restaurant, you consume as many calories that you require in a whole day perhaps. You really need to cut down your fast food intake, or at least reduce the servings. For a start, go for the smallest available size and take gradual steps towards completely cutting off fast food items.
  • Large Portions of Food: Your meal size is also one of the reasons of your extra pounds. Regularly having portions that are over-sized, that make you bloated later are not recommended. Also, if the food consists of energy-dense items, that exceptionally increase the overall calorie intake and heavily contributes to gaining weight.
  • Socioeconomic Status: Poverty is emerging as a major reason for obesity. How? Not being able to afford the healthy foods and when the unhealthy, processed food is cheaper, people suffering from poverty are bound to opt for the unhealthy options.
  • Overeating: Some people are habitual of eating more even after feeling full. While some keep eating now and then even after having a proper meal. This heavily adds to your weight.
  • Genetic Predisposition: This can also be one of the reasons for obesity.
  • Unhealthy Snacking/Late Night Snacking: Sudden cravings for unhealthy snacks, especially the urge of snacking late night on a regular basis adds to your obesity.

Well, the reasons could be many but the fact is that it is never too late to change your lifestyle and habits, especially when they are affecting your health.
Steps to Overcome Obesity and Shedding off All the Extra Fat

Perhaps you already know all the facts and required information on all the health measures and steps to fight and overcome obesity. Media has made us aware of this, with recurrent reminders on health and fitness on all the possible platforms of Internet and TV. So, let’s just summarize them in simple points.
Ditch unhealthy, processed and fast food.

Follow a proper workout regime.
Self-motivation is the key. You have to push yourself in times of laziness.
Choose healthy diet on a budget, so that you can continue it.
Choose organic and natural diet.
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