How to Prevent Ulcerative colitis without Medications – Diet & Home Remedies


Ulcerative Colitis is a disorder that leads to ulcers and causes irritation in the inner lining of the colon and rectum. It is a chronic inflammatory disease of the colon and rectum, characterized by bloody diarrhea.

Research suggests that the increase in the intake of animal protein is the root cause of Ulcerative Colitis. Animal protein tends to have more Sulphur containing amino acids like methionine, which the bacteria in our gut can turn into the toxin hydrogen sulfide.

Along with this, overactive immune system, genetics and environment are other causes leading to UC. Physical and emotional stress may also trigger symptoms of UC.

Dietary Changes recommended to prevent Ulcerative Colitis flare ups:

  • Patients should eat small, frequent meals to help increase the nutrition absorption from the foods. The meals should be bland, soft foods that are easy to digest and doesn’t cause discomfort.

Recommended Diet for Patients

  • The recommended diet includes vegetables like turnip, potatoes, radish, carrot, bael fruit, spinach, Bottle Gourd, Ridge Gourd, Ash Gourd, Singe Gourd and Round Gourd and green lentils. T
  • The best fruits that an UC patient should take on regular basis is apples and bananas.
  • One should try to eat steamed apples two times a day to alleviate pain and heal sores of the colon.
  • Apples are rich in phosphorous and iron and are very helpful in treating UC.
  • Patients are advised to drink adequate water and take plenty of fluids.
  • It is recommended for the patients to take low salt diet to help reduce water retention in the body.
  • A gluten free diet is highly recommended for the patients with UC as they may be more sensitive to gluten.

Things to be Avoided

  • Avoid foods that are known to cause flare ups. These may include dairy products (due to lactose intolerance), spicy and oily foods (as they UC may interfere with fat absorption and eating fatty fried foods may trigger symptoms), beans, raw fruits, and high fiber foods like cabbage, broccoli, nuts and popcorn (a low fiber diet is recommended to help reduce the frequency of bowel movements and abdominal cramps). Carbonated drinks and Alcohol.

Nutritional Supplements

  • Since, a patient of Ulcerative Colitis may not be able to absorb enough nutrients, vitamins from food and may show signs of malnutrition, so they might be advised to take nutritional supplements on a daily basis to compensate the loss.
  • The patients are often recommended a high calorie diet as they have lost weight due to recurring diarrhea.
  • Taking Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Omega 3 fatty acid supplements are also recommended.

Diet can be recommended by the doctor based on the patient’s symptoms, medications, and reactions to the food.

Home Remedies for Ulcerative Colitis

  • A very effective and easy home remedy to deal with UC symptoms at home is to eat mints.
  • Mint helps in improving the functioning of digestive system and nervous system. By eating mint, the saliva glands start working more and this helps with digestion.

Chamomile tea

  • Chamomile tea is another home remedy that can be prepared by boiling two spoons of Chamomile flower powder in a glass of water for about 10 minutes, strain it and add some honey for stage.
  • Chamomile helps in reducing inflammation in the colon as it has soothing effect on the intestinal tract. Chamomile has amazing curative powers. It can be taken daily by the patient.

Apple Cider Vinegar

  • One of the easiest home remedies to relieve symptoms of UC is to drink two spoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with honey in a glass of water right before each meal. It can be taken twice a day.

Plain cultured yogurt/ curd has probiotics (live bacteria) which is beneficial for healthy digestive system.

Fresh Juices

  • It is advised for the patient dealing with UC symptoms to take juice of carrot, pomegranate juice (50 ml daily), Rose Petal juice, Marigold Flower Juice, Coriander Leaves juice, and Indian Rosewood leaves juice on a daily basis (1 spoon two to three times a day). This provides the body with antioxidants and helps in treating UC.

Olive Oil

One can try mixing two spoons of olive oil with a glass of warm water and drinking this twice daily for a week. Olive oil is known for immunomodulatory properties and monosaturated fats. It has anti-inflammatory properties as well and is perfectly safe to be used in treating UC.

Fenugreek seeds

  • Another way to treat UC at home is by boiling some Fenugreek seeds in water for 10 minutes, strain it and add some jaggery powder to it. This mixture can be taken on empty stomach daily for a week.
  • Fenugreek seeds helps in speeding up the recovery by providing a protective coating along the intestinal tract.
  •   Fenugreek seeds are known for its anti-inflammatory properties, Vitamin C and Vitamin A, iron and calcium content.

Coconut Water with Honey

  • A very easy way to treat UC at home is drinking coconut water with honey mixed with it on empty stomach first thing in the morning for at least one week. This drink boosts energy, prevents dehydration, enhances immunity and helps cure ulcers.

Rice Water

  • Rice water is also considered a good option to ease the symptoms of UC.

How to Make

  •  t can be prepared by boiling a cup of rice in three cups of water for twenty minutes. After the rice settles down, strain it and drink the remaining water.


  • Turmeric may be mixed in a glass of warm milk and taken before bed time for a week. It is well known for its antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties.

Wheat Grass

  • Wheat Grass is an anti-oxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties too.  It is very soft on the stomach and provides instant relief from the severe pain of UC.

How to Make

  • One can easily prepare wheat grass juice by mixing two spoons of wheat grass powder in warm water. The mixture can be taken twice daily for one week.

Tips for Ulcerative Colitis Patient

Remission time is considered as a break from UC symptoms and not a break from the treatment. To keep UC in control for a longer period of time, it is very important to follow proper diet and opt for simple home remedies. Ulcerative Colitis cannot be prevented but certain steps can be taken to reduce or eliminate the symptoms.

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