How To Treat Ingrown Hair Cyst?

What Do You Know About Ingrown Hair Cyst?

Do you have ingrown hair cyst? Maybe you have, but you don’t know it. This article will show you all information you need about ingrown hair cyst. What is this? How to treat ingrown hair cyst?

  1. What is ingrown hair cyst?

When a hair is curly and doesn’t rise out of the skin, it grows back inside your skin. They irritate the skin. Sometimes, they can cause pain or redness. Ingrown hair cyst can have on all skin of the body.

  1. What causes ingrown hair cyst?
  2. Shaving

Shaving is one of the reason causes ingrown hair cyst. When you do shaving, the head of hair can be easy to cover by your skin. Thus, this situation leads to a hair grown to inside skin.

  1. Acne

Acne, especially inflammation acne can lead to ingrown hair cyst. When a pimple is formed because of the bacteria, the skin is infected from deep layer. The bacteria can affect the pore and make ingrown hair cyst. Therefore, sometimes you squeeze a pimple and you can see a hair follow it.

  1. Blocked Pores

A blocked pore is one of the reasons cause acne because the dirt and oil cannot go out. For the same reason like that, the hair can rise outside the skin. This is a good condition to form an ingrown hair cyst.

  1. Curly hair

Ingrown hair cyst can have on anyone. People see that person who has curly hair is more accessible to get ingrown hair cyst. Curly hair is more common to bend into the skin when they grow.

  1. Tight clothing

The tight clothing will put pressure on the hair follicles. Thus, your hair will curl back to skin instead of rising out.

III.              What are the symptoms of ingrown hair cyst?

You may have ingrown hair cysts, but you don’t know what it is. Ingrown hair cysts have some symptoms which you can follow to check up that yours is an ingrown hair cyst or not.

  1. Redness on the skin

The ingrown hair cysts can go with cystic acne which can cause red spot in the site of ingrown hair cyst.

  1. Itchy

The ingrown hair cyst irritates your skin lead to itchy.

  1. Infection

The grown hair inside skin irritates skin, so that body will release the chemicals to attack them. This action will make the ingrown hair site be inflammation.

  1. Painful

Easily to understand that inflammation causes pain.

  1. How to remove ingrown hair cyst?

We have some ways to deal with ingrown hair cyst.

  1. Use a tweezer or a sterile needle

This method can help you to pull out the head of an ingrown hair cyst. The first you can use a warm compress to open the pores. Clean your hair site with medical alcohol or povidone iodine. Then, you can use tweezers to keep the head of the hair and pull it out. If it is too hard to pull all the hair out, you can just pull the hair’s head out. Let them grow naturally. You a sterile needle to tease the skin that is easy to touch the head of hair. This way can apply to the sites like hand, thigh or leg. With another place, you should ask for help.

  1. Warm compress

Warm and moist pressure can help the hair go out the surface. Use a cloth and put it in warm water. Then, squeeze it out and put it in your hair site. Just compress until you can see your hair cyst go out. If you go along ten minutes, but you couldn’t see the hair, you should use another method together to remove it.

  1. Using egg membrane

Take an egg and remove the membrane inside the eggshell. Apply the membrane on the site of the hair. Let it dry in few minute then put the membrane out. The ingrown hair cyst will come out with the membrane.

  1. Exfoliation

The ingrown hair is covered by skin so that we can peel the skin to take the hair out. You can use many exfoliated remedies at home like use baking soda or coffee ground. With baking soda, you just need to mix baking soda and water to become a past form. After that, apply this form on your problem area. Use circular motions to massage gently. Do it regularly twice or three times a week until use can pull out the hair.

  1. How to prevent ingrown hair cyst?

You don’t want to have ingrown hair cyst. How can we prevent them?

  1. Remove hair permanently

These days, the technique is so modern so that we can get rid of hair by laser light. This will limit and stop the growth of hair. Your hair will not grow or grow weaker. You will be less chance of ingrown hair problems.

  1. Do skincare

You should often exfoliate the skin to get rid of dead cells which clog the pore. After an exfoliation, don’t forget to moisturize your skin. You should clean your skin every day as well.

  1. Don’t wear tight clothes

As you no tight clothes cause ingrown hair cyst. Thus, you should avoid wearing tight clothes.

  1. Correct shaving

Shaving can lead to ingrown hair cyst. If you can avoid shaving, you should do it correctly.

You should not shave your hair too short. This makes your hair shorter than skin surface. It will tend to grow under the skin. Your skin needs time to recover so you should not shave too frequently. In addition, make sure that your skin is clean when shaving. Dirty skin can cause pimples and inflammation.

In conclusion, you know what ingrown hair cyst is, what the cause is, how to remove and prevent them. Hope that ingrown hair cyst is not your problem anymore.


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