How Zirconia crown better than the Regular Crowns

How Zirconia crown better than the Regular Crowns

Zirconium crowns are most recommended and the most effective kind of crowns of today’s times. People who want aesthetic teeth after the surgery prefer zirconia crowns. The major question they have at the time of the surgery and before the crowning is the kind of materials that have been used in the manufacturing of the zirconium crowns.

The zirconium crowns are made up of zirconium oxide or zirconia. It is a white powdered metal that has the ability to be radiopaque. They are whiter than any other substance and give the tooth a more realistic look after the crowning process.

How is it different from other crowing

Aesthetic look

The conventional metal-based ceramic crowns have a gray line visible on them. But zirconium crowns have no visible anesthetic lines visible. They are natural looking which is why they are the most preferred crowing option. In fact, it is done properly, the crowns are so good and effective that it is difficult to differentiate them from the natural teeth. They are not even risky for the gums as against the conventional crowns that have a tendency of blackening at the line of the gum.


The tissues in the mouth are also not affected by the zirconium crowns. The healing time is lesser as compared to the traditional crowns and they start functioning really well within days after the completion of the treatment.


The life of a zirconium crown is similar to the traditional ceramic crowns. But, since they are more comfortable and less adaptable to any other side effects they are long lasting and can be maintained without many efforts for longer years.


The zirconium crowns are really strong, probably one reason why they are long-lasting. Even during the treatment, the patient can feel the strength of the crowns on their gums.

Corrosion resistant

Why people do not prefer crowning is that they fear they will undergo corrosion in some time. It is somewhat true. Certain kinds of food and drinks that we consume lead to the corrosion of the crown. So people with crowns have been really selective about their eating habits even after the treatment. Zirconium crowns, on the other hand, do not have such a risk. They are corrosion resistant and this is also the reason why they have a long life.

Less labor intensive

The zirconium crowns are made with advanced technology. With so much moderation in the dental techniques, a lot of natural teeth is preserved. This is really good for the procedure. It saves a lot of time and effort and the dentist requires minimum preparation before fitting the zirconium crowns on the respective teeth.


The best thing about zirconium is that they are cost effective. If you check zirconium crown price India you can make out for yourself that they are many pockets friendly. The less cost factor coupled with the advanced benefits it has over others make it the most preferred as well as the most recommending crown.

Latest technology

The zirconium crowns are made with the latest technology. These crowns are made with CAD- CAM technology which is the latest in digital dentistry. This makes them superior and more resistant as compared to the ceramic crowns.

For people who want to get their tooth fixed and want a permanent solution, the zirconium crowns are a perfect choice. They are affordable, long-lasting and do not require much precautions and maintenance. The treatment is also less complicated and massive reason why m most of the patients now ask for it. Book a dental appointment and get the crown that would suit you the most soon.

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