Invisalign braces pros and cons

Why clear aligners are a popular choice for dental alignment problems?

The days are behind us when braces were the only option to treat misaligned teeth. Although traditional braces are still popular, their usages have come down over the years as better solutions are available. Being with metal brackets and wires, they are no longer preferred by the new-age populace that wants their braces to look cool. This has given rise to the demand of clear aligners or the invisalign system that are made of clear & rigid plastic and are not noticeable at all. They not only straighten the teeth but also deliver confidence to the wearer.   


Here are reasons that make clear aligners a popular choice for tooth straightening –

Aligners are a unique option for dental alignment

There is no denying that aligners are truly a unique option for getting the teeth straightened. They are quite unlike other dental alignment options which is the reason behind their popularity. Unlike braces, they are removable which adds to their uniqueness quotient. You can remove them to brush and eat and this kind of comfort is definitely great to have. However, you need to keep wearing them for around 20 hours a day minimum to get the results at the earliest.  


Aligners can cater to specific needs

In terms of treatment time, aligners can serve specific needs almost perfectly. If you want alignment results at the earliest, you can convey that to the dentist and get the results in less than a year. If you’re not in a hurry, the treatment may then get a max two years to deliver results of choice. Different sets of aligners will be used to treat your problem and help restore the optimum functionality of your teeth.  


Aligners make the teeth shift gradually

The invisalign system involves several sets of aligners where each set is different from the one used before. They are chosen based on the extent of alignment issues so that the teeth can be moved into proper alignment in a gradual manner. Each set of aligners is worn for 2 weeks where the plastic puts right pressure on the teeth before moving them into place. All this makes the ligament to loosen which makes teeth mobile in desired sense.


Aligners are practically invisible  

Metal braces are markedly or prominently visible in the mouth so young adults show a reluctance to wear them. They have stuff that make the tooth appear uncool. On the other hand, clear aligners use clear plastic so they are practically invisible. So, the wearer can smile confidently even without worrying that someone might notice. Any embarrassment is out of equation now and one can flaunt smile easily and almost always.  


Aligners ensure superior oral hygiene

Brushing and flossing around metal brackets are wires means your oral care got compromised. Even the simple acts of cleaning cause discomfort in the mouth. Aligners have changed all that as they are easy to clean and maintain. With them, you are practically ensured of superior oral hygiene with no worry to negotiate metal things in the mouth. You can brush or floss with no care in the world and this will boost your confidence level greatly.


Aligners lessen your dental visits

Less dental visits is the result when you consult an invisalign dentist queens NY and get right solution for the problem at hand. Your teeth will be straightened and aligned in a perfect manner saving you future dental problems like decay or damage. Your mouth will be free of metals and wires and brackets and there will be zero enamel or dental erosion for sure. You will feel confident and flaunt your smile always. 

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