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It is a good idea to set yourself targets if you want to achieve a goal. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about this. For instance, if you are a size 14 and you spend a fair bit of money on some beautiful size 8 dresses as motivation, you will probably feel quite cheesed off if you are not wearing them a month later.

It is not a good idea to make you feel awful, so the right way to have done this would have been to set smaller, more easily attainable, less expensive goals. A consequence of disappointing yourself like that could be depression or/and desperation and desperation to meet your targets can lead to stupid decisions.

Foolish decisions like following a fad diet, because it promises you rapid weight loss. There is no such thing as sustainable rapid weight loss without a change of lifestyle. Yes, you can go for surgery and have lumps cut off yourself, or you can pump yourself full of diuretics and squeeze the water out of yourself, but the weight will come back unless you change the way you live.

Any diet that promises rapid weight loss without recommending a healthier, more active lifestyle is doubtful. Many of these kinds of diet are fad diets. The organizers of these diets are only interested in selling you magic potion drinks or powders as meal substitutes. I have even seen one company selling magnetic earrings which were ‘guaranteed’ to make you lose weight if you dieted and did more exercise! Besides wearing waist cincher garment for weight loss, because Kim Kardashian really using waist training methods to reduce weight successfully.

Of course, you will lose weight if your diet and exercise, but carrying the earrings around with you is not helping. It just adds to the depression when you read in the newspaper that the guru you have been following is outed as a con artist.

Here are a few tell-tale signs to help you spot a phony diet:

Any diet that tells you to miss meals should start red lights flashing. If you stop eating, you are reducing the number of calories you are consuming, so you can expect to lose weight. That is not rocket science. You do not need to pay for advice like that.

However, this tactic does not necessarily work either. If you skip a meal, your blood/sugar levels will drop, and that has different consequences for different people, but none of them are good. It will also increase the likelihood that you will overeat at the next meal. It would be better to eat a salad, an apple or a banana instead.

Any weight loss program that says you can lose weight without exercising or without dieting is definitely iffy too because exercise is essential for good blood circulation and metabolism, which are vital to your losing weight and living healthily.


However, exercise alone will not guarantee good health, you have to diet too. In this context ‘dieting’ just means eating healthily.

You do not have to wear anything special to lose weight either. Electric vibrating belts, magnetic earrings, sweat-inducing cummerbunds and the like, do not work. Yes. They do not work and in a similar vein, powder and liquid substitutes are not worth it either. Get a liquidizer and make your own or just eat properly.

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