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Radon is one environmental threat that is taking the world into the darkest pit of uncertainties. Go for the Safety siren pro series 3, It is actually an odorless, colorless as well as a tasteless radioactive gas that naturally gets emitted into our surroundings. And to your surprise, it all happens without coming into your notice. Gradually, your health starts to degrade and the gas poorly affects your overall wellbeing at the end.

Radon gets formulated when the heaviest element on earth (i.e. Uranium) starts decaying beneath the soil. Under normal conditions, radon remains to be just like any other gas floating in the air around us. But the problem begins when it gets trapped in the confined areas or the construction material. Radon also gets accumulated in water especially the public supply that we make use of. But, why do we insist so much on talking about the gas that forms due to certain natural processes? Because it isn’t as simple as it seems!

How Is Radon A Threat?

Just for the simple reason that radon is invisible, odorless and tasteless, it easily gets neglected and isn’t readily detectable by the human senses. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t around us! Even our genetic material can be modified to turn into cancer and cause critical hazards. However, there are certain ways in which one can test the presence of this gas in their surroundings and accordingly devise action plans in case of higher concentrations. Radon is a heavy gas that tends to first accumulate in the low lying areas of a construction. Building material like concrete too can greatly absorb the gas.

Leading Cause of Cancer

Radon is almost a global threat that is also being one of the major causes of lung cancer over the globe Yes, after smoking, radon is the major cause that kills thousands of people every year. If we look at the reports by EPA, the number comes to more than 21,000 annually that too in the regions of United States alone. Radon is a very serious health hazard and a deadly contaminant that harms the indoor air and water quality. It can easily accumulate in the constructions, particularly the confined areas like the basement or the attic. All over the world, Radon is said to be the 6th leading cause of lung cancer and related deaths.

Testing Methods

Radon gas test kits or electronic radon detectors are easily and commercially available at both the online as well as offline stores. These can efficiently be used for testing even in the lowest living floors of the house that too with the exposure of just a few days. The time period can vary from two to seven days or even a year.

In Case of Test Kits

Once the kit is exposed over a short duration, it collects the radon particles that will ultimately be sent over to an authentic laboratory for testing. Radon measurement experts will then analyze the amount in the collector and send back the results to the user along with necessary recommendations.

National Environmental Health Association also puts up a list of the best radon measurement professionals in your particular areas to help you in making a better decision when it comes to dealing with this problem.

In Case of Radon Detectors

These can also be called as long-term test kits that range from 3 months to over a year. Radon information gets collected to provide you with most accurate, instant and reliable results. Open land test kits too come under this category.

Radon detectors easily help you analyze the results after which you can take the essential and precautionary steps for controlling the increased levels. It is important to understand that radon is life-threatening and you must not assume the issue to be insignificant. So, along with protecting your loved ones, also shield your own self and make the right choice.

Radon is hazardous and so it must be the last thing to negatively affect your family, friends or you!


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