How to save energy in your body?

How do we get energy to the body? Obviously, Answer would be – By eating healthy food.

I can prove that eating minimal food and just by having certain practices included in our routine, we can not just save but also increase energy in our body.

I compare the human body to a mobile handset, Sounds weird right? Yes, our body just reacts like a smartphone. We all do use mobile phones with different configurations and battery backups. Similarly, we all have different body structure with different capabilities. The energy also depends on each individuals body. Some of us are outstanding and few are average.

So what are the similarities between body and a mobile phone? More the phone used more the power is consumed, More the multi-tasks more the energy is burned. We can use mobile phones only until it has power in it. Once power turns low the performance of the device gets lower. We would need to plug in the charger to make use of it again. Similarly, our body also works until it has power in it. More you work more energy is consumed, automatically performance of body decreases and you may have to rejuvenate the body to work further.

We understood the logic – Mobile has to be charged as and when a battery is low. But how to charge a battery of our body? I will tell you the answer but before that, let’s analyze how power is consumed in our body. In mobile phones when you check battery consumed option you see “battery consumed when a screen was on”. I compare the mobile screen to our eyes and our head. Most of the power is consumed in our processor (head), More you see the things around, More you think about anything more the power is wasted.  Studies say a human mind will get 60,000+ thoughts per day. Just imagine what is the amount of power is been used on it. So just by eating often can I increase the energy in my body? NO, you can not…

The energy in us is again divided into 2, Energy of body and Energy in our mind. Both the energies are supposed to go hand in hand to perform any task. If you have more energy in the body, less in mind or vice-versa the possibility or the effectiveness of completing a task would differ. The energy of body could be increased by eating healthy food but how do I increase the energy of my mind?

The answer is “MEDITATION”…

I would try putting my thoughts about relativity between meditation and mind in my next write up, Until then Happy hours

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