When should you go for a smile makeover?

There is no need to sulk when your smile is not beautiful. There are options to change anything you don’t like about your smile. Treatments are available to get the teeth a bit whiter, brighter, longer and straighter. In short, having a perfect smile is no longer a dream and it’s a reality many have already benefited from. A technique on When to go for a smile makeover. You however need to know those techniques helpful for improving the appearance of your smile. You can consult an experienced dentist, discuss your goals and get devised a custom plan for having a beatific smile any time of choice.


Let’s look at cases when you can go for smile makeover and get great results –


When you have missing Teeth

Missing teeth is a condition when most people look for a smile makeover option as they want their overall appearance to get notches better. Missing teeth is not a situation someone would like to be in as it easily causes tooth gaps and make facial charms go away in no time. More importantly, it can also lead to tooth decay and might also have a huge impact on teeth alignment. Some of available options in such cases include dental implants, dental bridge or partial denture. All of them are helpful in filling out the smile.


When tooth color dents the charms of smile 

Having perfectly aligned teeth will be helpful only when there are no stains or discoloration on your teeth. Your physical appearance will also rely on the color and clarity of your teeth. That’s why teeth are whitened and polished to remove stains or plaque and restore the shine and dazzle of your teeth. Dentists can use veneers, crowns or composite bonding but not before considering the shade and color of your teeth to do smile makeover. The focus will be on matching the complexion of your teeth and not diluting smile in any visible manner.


When teeth are severely misaligned 

Smile becomes the obvious casualty in cases where teeth are severely misaligned. Any disturbance or irregularity with your teeth alignment can make your physical appearance suffer in the wake of drooping face and jaw. In such cases, a smile makeover will be preceded by full-mouth reconstruction or orthodontic treatment. On the other hand, dentists can use braces or veneers in cases where teeth are just slightly misaligned or overlap. Clearly, you can be sure of right procedures or techniques to be used by the dentist to do smile makeover and make you feel confident in the process.

When age impacts your face shape

Ageing does have a big impact on our smile. It even impacts our personality in more ways than we imagine. For example, as we age, our teeth age, wear down or fall out. This often alters the shape of our face and in the process, we look older than we should. In such cases, you need a procedure to fill out cheeks and face so that a desired smile could be restored. Your dentist may recommend orthodontics or oral maxillofacial surgery and help you get a pleasing smile easily. This is how you feel confident and live the same as well.


When your teeth lose its original shape

Tooth shape and size can change. And when this does happen, you smile is no longer attractive. There are however techniques to get the kind of length or shape of the teeth. This is when dentists may use ceramic veneers or gum reduction or bonding to patch up the shape and size of your teeth. This way you could retain the charms of smile and live a confident life without any worry for your smile.

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