Will Technology Divide The Rich & Sick when it comes to medical facility?

Yes, it is our article “Will Technology Divide The Rich & Sick when it comes to medical facility?”, but please do not think that we have taken the plot from the movie Elysium nor In Time. It is but a conscious effort on our part to deduce the important changes in Health-Care not only globally, but also in our favorite city, Bangalore. Just for five minutes, can you kindly visualize the changes? Don’t you feel a significant change in healthcare from the past two decades? Twenty years ago, in Bangalore, there were few hospitals, and you rarely paid an insurance premium through your company. But at present, hospitals and diagnostics center are dime a dozen in any popular road, and one wonders have the health factor bitten one and all? In this article of “will technology in healthcare make the rich healthier and the poor sick”, you gain information on the differences that happen in health sectors.


Money Divide

Let us face the truth. The world, since it got civilized, has always favored the “haves” instead of the “have-nots”? Yes that explains the luxuries of life including health. Even in the last century, if a old rich man had wealth, he would get the best of medical attention, while a poor old man will be left to die in the streets, because his blood relations barely could take care of the medical expenses. This was the past, now we have equality rights, protection laws and every aspect. But still it may happen if the Government does not lay a hawk’s eye on private hospitals and medical insurance companies.


In present times, related to medical attention and health, the society can be divided into haves-nots, have-more and just the have (mostly middle class). It is not only poverty and lack of education that prevents a poor man to get the best healthcare, it

is also lack of knowledge and time. In fact, let us imagine, a person in his 50s in Bangalore is under the poverty line. He makes enough money for his family in the form of a contract worker with no benefits, the ESI and the PF. All his family members go to work, including his wife, son, daughter-in-law and even daughter. But when disease strikes, they do not go to the root of the disease, and the reason. They just gulp some pills, and take temporary relief. The problem remains, until it grows to a dangerous proportion. Now the man has to go for an operation. That is when they start to check State Government and Central Government schemes for the poor. But mostly, some due to lack of knowledge never apply and end up becoming more poor.


Technology Has Brought Over A Major Change With The Rich Getting More Health Care While The Poor strive for Basic Medical Facilities

2016 is the year of apps, and it is now, 2018. Every medical procedure and equipment have become advanced. Now, please note the changes. Similar to the software updates, even a hospital has to keep upgrading its equipment and procedure as per the recent developments in the medical field. And these equipments definitely come with a huge price. Now, the question is, are these facilities affordable to all sections of the society?


Pharmaceutical Industries

The same lies in pharmacare. The drugs come with a high cost. The pharmaceutical industry justifies the huge rate on medicines stating that it spends more on research and development. Agreed, they have to be lauded because they are discovering new range of medicines for dangerous diseases. So, there will be fast cure and better quality medicines. But can a middle class person in Bangalore get access to these high quality drugs? Will all the medicine stores have the drugs? Please note, the drug store containing medicines is also a business. A shop located at a middle class locality will sell only medicines affordable to the persons in the area. The drug store owner will never stock a quality drug, highly expensive and which can work wonders because it will remain unsold. His customers cannot afford the drug.


Now let us come to insurance companies. The State Government and Central Government are to be praised as they have set up the Employee State Insurance Hospitals for the lower level workers in a registered factory or company. Any person getting a low level salary can get the best treatment free of cost in these hospitals. But yes, they have a cache. A small fraction of their salary goes to the ESI fund and the company also makes a contribution. But do all the workers work in factories and companies which have the ESI?No, there are few level contract job professionals who are employed, but they do not get the ESI and other benefits. In ill-health, where should they go? Many of them go to touts who cite themselves to be doctors, and end up becoming gullible victims.


The middle class of Bangalore, which can be titled the “haves” can be dubbed as the most prone to medical health. Yes, the husband and wife go to jobs. And they have a decent income, but their relatives who stay away from Bangalore will always expect gifts from them.  They work and toil for their company and ultimately lose out on health. Their company takes care of their health by making them sign a medical insurance plan not for the lifetime, but only every year. Did you notice the whip? If you are a person in a similar scheme, you end up paying Rs 8000 to Rs 10,000, but unless you avail of treatment in the form of operation or other treatment, the money will never be refunded.

Yes, these companies also lay certain conditions for these medical insurance. You cannot get dental treatment nor get discounts for eye treatment. So they are safe. Every rupee and paisa.


Now let us come to the rich.

Shall we look at the present day Bangalore? On one side, you find the sprawling lawns of mansions in Dollars colony, and on another side, you have some slums where ten people live in a single room. Similar is the case with health care. There are daily wage workers who struggle to get even the basic care (have-nots) and the more-haves have access to even expensive treatments such as botox, anti-aging treatments to stay young.


According to a survey conducted, 20 percent of Bangalore’s population lack access to proper birth care of babies.

Everyone knows that in the future, your toddler will be working in jobs non-existent today. One job is artificial growth of human organs. Research is going on in multinational corporations around the world to grow organs such as human heart from stem cells. There is a large queue of population who needs human organs for transplant. And if the growth of artificial organs become a reality, will they be affordable to the public? Not at that present moment, but it will take another twenty years. Till then, who should be blamed for the thousands of lives that die because of lack of organs and human donors?

No one can predict the future. You can only analyse and play a guess. But yes, the rich stay at a more comfortable level in the future as far as medical capabilities are concerned. If there is huge market for artificial human organs, chances are that they can dispose of their low potential organs and go for a new and healthy one. And the poor, they have to play life with their natural original organs.


Birth of Babies

A new set of jobs are likely to hit the market by 2035, that of genetical engineer. If you become one, the job description reads like educating the parents of the gene which can give hereditary diseases. If the parents want, they can pay a fee and have the gene removed. Now consider the other case, will the science and technology be so developed so as to embed a new gene which can instill feelings of positivity or high IQ  in the to-be born child? You bet. A challenge for the future.

Will Technology Divide The Rich & Sick when it comes to medical facility

For the have-nots they have to supplement their life with the treatment within their budget. Now isn’t that a shame on the humans? So, there will exist two types of population – the extra-intelligent, ever-healthy elite and the normal healthy, normal  brainy race. If human race arrives at this point, not even the Supreme Power, Creator of the Universe can reduce the changes in equality. In fact, the efforts will prove FUTILE.



True, science, technology and the internet have definitely made the global population as a single human race. But the fact cannot escape, technology will definitely bring three races at least – the have nots, the haves and the have-mores. It is a divide not on caste, geography and education, but the digital divide. And in the future, it will be the age of technology with reference to medicine. Let us take a case study, in 2040, you suffer from body ailment. You do not know the reason. You have a chip implanted in your body connected to an app. It has your entire medical history details (MHD). You enter the body condition, it tells you suffer from throat pain. It searches on the internet and gives you the right information on the medicine. Now what is the remedy for bridging the gap in technology between the rich and needy in terms of healthcare? As part of the society, State Governments, Central Governments, hospitals, diagnostic centers and even customers have to work to connect the dots so that nobody suffers a loss. It is possible, but the fact is someone should take the initiative.

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  2. This post is worth everyone’s attention. Where can I find out more?

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